Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mesophelioma Victims: Fight for your Rights!

A few decades ago hundreds of construction workers suffered Mesophelioma from asbestos exposure in their workplaces. Nowadays, a great number of these people are suffering from malignant Mesophelioma. There is a period of 20 to 50 years between the initial exposure and the development of the Mesophelioma disease. The diagnosis of Mesophelioma is quite difficult because the initial Mesophelioma symptoms are very similar to the ones from a common flu.

People diagnosed with malignant Mesophelioma are usually told that the expected Mesophelioma survival rate is only from eight to twelve months. During this period Mesophelioma treatments and Mesophelioma special cares to relieve the pain are needed. When on time, there is a possibility of a surgery that can take out the Mesophelioma cancer. If not, chemotherapy (taking drugs to fight the cancer) and radiation therapy (using high-dose x-rays to kill Mesophelioma cancer cells) are the only choices that will hopefully help the Mesophelioma victim. These Mesophelioma treatments are quite expensive. In the worse of cases, he/she will die before legal measures are taken.

If one of these situations takes place, the Mesophelioma patients as well as their families must look for justice and fair resolution of this Mesophelioma problem. Having to deal with pain and suffering from the Mesophelioma disease is enough; it is quite unfair to be in the position of dealing with economical pressures due to the high monetary demands of the Mesophelioma treatments of this Mesophelioma disease. That is why Mesophelioma patients must know that they can set a legal lawsuit against their former employers any time.

If the Mesophelioma victim did not file a lawsuit while alive a relative can take the “power of attorney”, this means that he/she can make legal decisions on behalf of the Mesophelioma victim. This should be done right after the death of the Mesophelioma victim because the statute of limitations limits the amount of time that you have to file the lawsuit. In many states, there is only one year to file the lawsuit.

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